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Nov 5, 2013 5:00am PST
ago the los angeles state senator introduced legislation that would have required bb guns to be painted bright colors. the bill never made it out of an assembly committee. but according to the los angeles times deleon has been talking to leaders in santa rosa about proposing new legislation for the bb guns. >>> and a boy shot by san francisco police in a marina district has pleaded not guilty to charges during an arraignment held at his hospital bedside at san francisco general. he is being treated for three gunshot wounds. police shot him after he tried to rob a man answering his ad on craigslist. he was already facing charges in two similar craigslist related charges in daley city back in april. >>> we have new details in new jersey about the gunman who fired shots inside a shopping mall last night. the body of the gunman was found early this morning. it is believed he killed himself. 20-year-old richard shoot started shooting inside garden state mall just as the mall was closing. no one was hurt but the mall was on lockdown for several hour as police search for the gun
Nov 28, 2013 5:00am PST
but it is not widespread. showers are developing and they should remain to the south drifting closer to los angeles. and temperatures are off to a nice start in santa rosa, san francisco 51 and on track oakland should being warming up and by 2:00, we are thinking 63 degrees and by 5:00, we do scale back on the cloud cover into the afternoon hours. forecast for this morning, some patchy fog out there and here is alive camera looking out towards union square and for this afternoon some scattered clouds and temperatures are on track to reach the 60s across most of the region and by the region a try weather forecast but some hazy sunshine and the bulk of the rain fall should remain in the area. and driving to the bay -- drifting to the bay area, this potentially was a rainmaker but for us we will have the cloud cover this morning and skies are coming partly sunny into the afternoon hours and right now it is 27 degrees on track to reach the upper 40s for this afternoon and we have a sun and cloud mix to upper 52 degrees. warmer than that, it is not a big chance. and knock 64 deflows and san mateo 62. h
Nov 26, 2013 5:00am PST
for her brother. he was a los angeles art student who vanished while visiting and fran. before -- san francisco. before he disappeared, he said he was in danger and a few weeks later, a decomposed body watched up.. >>> they should be able to tell us more. >> the family dropped everything when he disappeared and once they take care of person amount in business they plan to return to search for him. >>> the deaths of two bodies found in the dealtty were declared suspicious more information is expected later today. >>> apple is building a new separate headquarters in supplement supplement. itit will look like a circular space ship it will protect trees it wants to tea is almost complete. the supporters say tonight money, more than 1,500 people 1,500 people have jumped. >>> they have take up a birth control coverage dispute in president barack obama's healthcare law. the provision is in the affordable healthcare act requiring them to do certain things and some companies object to it saying it violates their religious beliefs. >>> plan "b" may not work if it is taken by women over a certai
Nov 11, 2013 5:00am PST
with recovery efforts. volunteers left los angeles yesterday and military planes are used to help evacuate and help with supplies. they are providing search and rescue efforts and providing medical aid and food and water. >> they are trying to determine how many stores are involved in a major recall. the meals were manufactured by glass onion kitchener and they sold them even to trader joe's where they are recalling all of their food. other salads and wraps being recalled are sold under the delish and fine foods names. >> it is scary because you trust where you are buying your food and it is stressful because it is something you have to worry about on a regular basis. >> all of the salads and wraps, as many as 26 people have been sick ended from e-coli. now we have a full list and just go to the website and click on the health on a science tab. >>> something just happened in san francisco. it is an injury crash southbound 101, now we have seen the delay go from a small delay to a big delay and we have issued a sig alert which is not a mystery. it is just chp code talk for special alert and
Nov 6, 2013 5:00am PST
at los angeles international airport is talking about the attack from his hospital bed. brian is in good condition. a bullet shattered his lower right leg during the gunman's rampage. he was at lax getting ready to fly to chicago for a friend's wedding. >> i was in line with a bunch of people. when we heard gunfire. first from the first floor. from the ticket level. and then so everybody started to panic. everybody started to run. >> and then suddenly he was shot. he collapsed against a wall. scrambled into a storage room and found a sweatshirt that he used as a turn kit. a tsa officer was killed in that shooting. paul ciancia is facing murder charges. >>> time is 5:40. new this morning the former boyfriend of amanda knox is testifying in the third trial in the murder case of a british student in italy. rafael called the charges against them absurd. they were convicted of killing knox's roommate back in 2009. but their convictions were overturned in 2011 because of a lack of evidence. amanda knox came back to the united states after she was acquitted. she is not in italy for the retrial.
Nov 8, 2013 5:00am PST
of airports will hold am moment of silence today. a public memorial will also be held next tuesday in los angeles. the alleged gunman is facing a charge of murder. >>> fema has denied continued help for the recovery of the massive rim fire at the yosemite national park. now they will be forced to rebuild roads and other damaged infrastructure with only state and local resources. in a letter to the government fema said their damage to the county was not enough to require federal aid. that fire burned 257,000 acres and destroyed several structures. >>> san jose state president has backed off from a plan that could cut classes. they were told just days from registration they would need to cut tens of thousands of dollars to stay within their budget. but yesterday the school's president released a statement saying the campus will use a one-time fund that was supposed to go toward infrastructure and other projects to make up the difference. >>> the cardinals defeated the ducks last night. the fifth ranked cardinals made it two in a row against the number two ducks at home last night. kevin hog
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6